Enjoy the beach, but don’t forget….

As I meditatively stack the smooth flat rocks and driftwood I gathered at the beach yesterday, I try my best to ready myself for the week ahead. More importantly for an appointment early tomorrow morning. But first, let’s go back to the beach….My friends Alicia, Justin, Jordyn and Logan moved down to Jamestown, RI from Providence a couple of years ago. We all missed them terribly, but Jamestown isn’t far and we’ve always had an open invitation. My youngest has been down many times. Finally, yesterday, I had the opportunity to join her. We arrived at their house and I got the royal tour. They’ve put extensive work into their renovation of what was once a fire-damaged 2 family abode into a wide open, loft-like, 2 story single family home. I love what they’ve done(I should’ve taken pics!) and came away very inspired as I love interior design and architecture.
Our friend Sean was visiting with his kids; Ethan and Sophia from Arizona( our first friends to move away) and we were all mighty hungry so Alicia suggested we head down to Dutch Harbor Boatyard to enjoy some fresh and local fish tacos from The Shack, brought to you by the talented duo that run Tallulah’s on Thames just over the bridge in Newport , RI. 

It’s a popular destination on this perfect Summer day. 

It’s tiny inside, but the menu is simple and easy to read. Everything looks delicious! 

We were all so busy catching up, I didn’t get a chance to photograph our food. Shocking isn’t it? 

The girls were so excited to catch up. 

We hardly saw the boys as they were at the water gathering rocks and exploring. 

With our bellies full, Alicia took Sean and I on a mini tour, with a quick pit stop for coffee and an outrageously good Espresso-Plum-Brandy Muffin from The Village Hearth Bakery.

I must go back and try some bread or one of their famous Sunday night pizzas. 

Back at the house we gathered the kids, loaded the boogie boards, greeted more friends and drove down to Mackeral Cove Beach. Normally it’s a beach for residents and their cars adorned with beach stickers, but after 4pm it’s open to anyone! Great for us as it was still plenty warm and very sunny still. We dropped our bags and the kids ran right in. 

The boys found the flat rocks perfect for skimming. 

I went in the water for a bit and found the water to be a tad chilly. 

The girls kept a watch on things. 

It seemed the light and the color of the water changed every minute. The view was stunning. 

Zoë had a blast with her friends but still found time for a Mother-Daughter selfie.

After a break and some food and beverages, I decided to jump back in. This time I floated out as far as I could manage. ​

​I peacefully floated and breathed in the salty air. Thankful for this moment, my surroundings, my friends and my family. 

I was getting chilly so I headed back to shore just in time for Alicia to pop the Prosecco. 

We gave a toast to summer, old friends, new friends, health and happiness. 

While the adults were imbibing, the boys were taking mud baths.

The girls were making and ” selling” Danish pancakes.

The sun was setting. Time for a rinse. 

Crazy to think these girls met in preschool and now they are 11. My how time flies. 

Time to pack up. But first, one last look. 

I crossed the bridge to go home, listening to the radio, singing along, too content to be annoyed by traffic. 

While I was peacefully floating in the ocean, a recorded message called my phone with a reminder. Tomorrow I have my 6 month post op cat-scan. I don’t think much about my Cancer ( or I try not to) till right  before my periodic scans and check-ups. I’m nervous of course, but I’m confident I’m still Cancer-free and have many, many beach days ahead of me. 

Here’s to a continued great Summer, and to good health and happiness. 

Breathe in, breathe out….

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