Out and About with Zoë: Wesport,MA

It’s hot, sticky and raining right now. I’m staring at a gorgeous pic of a beautiful flower to try and brighten my day. 

It’s reminding me of the fun weekend Zoë and I had together. 

Zoë is an aspiring artist and fashion designer, so we try to go to places and spots of inspiration for her. This past Saturday, we decided to head out to a gallery opening in Westport, MA and then have a dinner picnic at the beach.  

But first! Breakfast. A simple scramble of eggs….with creamy avocado on the side, our fave Sourdough bread toasted and sliced, in season, local, cherry tomatoes. 

Of course we can’t forget coffee! 

Errands to run. A trip to the hair salon and a stop at Wright’s Dairy Farm for some divine eclairs and a quick hello to the cows. This one was smart to park itself in front of the fan. 

My hairdresser’s assistant gussied up my hair quite a bit for a trip to the beach. 

Once back home and looking for food to pack for our picnic, we decided to cook up a quick orzo salad using some of those candy-like, sweet cherry tomatoes we had earlier with eggs. 

We forgot to take a picture but we have 1 better; a video you can watch on my Jen’s Dish Facebook Page. It’s a simple recipe. (Made easier while wearing my vintage apron)

We packed up the car and hit the road. The clouds looked ominous, but we only experienced a short downpour while driving thru Fall River, MA. Once in Westport, the rain held off and we soon arrived at the cool DeDee Shattuck Gallery
Evoking the feel of a modern, beach “cottage” and tucked in a meadow off the main road in Westport. This cool contemporary gallery was hosting an exhibit featuring works from a group of Brooklyn, NY artists. 

Appropriately the outdoor bar was offering the Dark & Stormy as their feature cocktail. Considering the heavy clouds above, I could not resist. Zoë opted for a coke. 

Cheers! Let’s go check out some art. 

While we enjoyed the exhibit as a whole, we did have some favorite pieces. There was Barry Rust’s non-traditional, handmade Ukele, Banjo and Fiddles.

And the incredibly mesmerizing ornithology film by Juan Fontanive: ​

There was so much to see and yummy cheese and crackers to snack on. 

The kids were mesmerized by the Koi pond. 

We could’ve stayed longer but the beach beckoned……

Horseneck Beach State Reservation is about 10minutes or so down the road from the gallery. After 4pm is the best time to go as the sun is still out, it’s still warm and there is no parking sticker or fee required. (Please note, there is no entrance after 8pm) We parked and started to unload the car. “Zoë, do you have the food?” “No” she answered, “I thought you had it Mom.” Oh no! We forgot our picnic with our special orzo salad! “No biggie Mom; we’ll eat it when we get home. Let’s hit the beach!”

Who can argue with that? We walked towards the ocean inhaling the salt air. I realized I have not been to the  beach enough this Summer. Horseneck is a beautiful beach but notoriously windy. We probably would have had sand sprinkled throughout our orzo salad had we remembered. 

I could not get over how warm the water was. I was wishing we remembered our suits for swimming. We walked along the shore looking for shells and cool rocks for a display at home I’m sure we can find space for. We talked about the upcoming Schoolyear. Lots of changes. New school, new group of kids, and more. She expressed nervousness about the newness of it all but excitement at starting Middle School. 

She’s getting so big and maturing before my eyes. 

It was time to head back to our orzo salad and mini eclairs, and the Olympics! One last look at the ocean, a deep breath and a wish made. 

As we were approaching my car, I noticed a small flashing light in my rear lights. “That’s odd, I’ve never noticed that before!” I must have said it out loud as guy nearby said it had been flashing a while and I better check my battery.  Dead, as a doorknob. I had left my lights on! Not only that but my phone was dead too! Oh Lordy. Zoë sensed my anger at myself and rising frustration. She quickly reassured me that everything was going to be ok. You know what? It was. A nice couple went to find a park ranger and not long after a family parked nearby, pulled out some jumper cables and got me started. The ranger arrived and stayed till he saw we were ok. With the phone plugged in, and the radio playing some good folk tunes we drove back to Providence….hungry. Funnily enough, we went thru a burst of rain showers in the same exact spot we went thru on the way in Fall River. We could see the sun peeking out thru the clouds in a most dramatic fashion. What a great day this was, we thought to ourselves. 

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