Gallery Night Providence 

Tomorrow night is the next installment of Gallery Night here in Providence. It’s a free fun evening touring the Providence art scene. Guided and carefully curated tours are held every third Thursday from March to November.

Last month I was honored to be a Celebrity Guide

We started at the central meeting spot to get on our special art bus. Folks gathered to look at the schedules. There were different tours in the evening that you could choose from. Mine went to 4 locations. 

Straight off the bat I met a couple of nice ladies. They were very excited to go on the tour and they wanted to talk FOOD(!) with me which was so sweet. Just when we thought it was just going to be the three of us and our guide Kate, the entire bus filled up!

Kate and I got to know our group a little bit and soon we were on our way. We started at J Schatz. Jim and Peter are talented ceramicists with a studio located on the west side of town.

We were “oohing and ah-ing ” upon arrival. 

The goal was to have about 15 min at each location. We were able to look around the studio while sipping some wine and nibbling on crackers and cheese. We saw everything from items waiting to be glazed and ” fired” in the kiln to the final product. 

I would love to whip up a gourmet meal and serve it on these gorgeous plates!!!

Jim and Peter took some time to tell us about their creative process. 

Coffee brewed in these “Brutal Coffeemakers” would take the caffeine high to totally different level. 

Their pieces are really colorful. The bird houses were a big hit with my group. 

I want to cook up some hearty chili to ladle into these bold bowls. 

One last look before we get on the bus: 

The startling colors in the sky made it  look like a piece of art. How appropriate. 

Our bus driver negotiated a tricky parking spot to get to our next stop: Gather Glass

We headed into this adorable glass blowing studio after gazing a bit at the full moon. 

Our host told us what glass blowing entails. He even gave us a quick demo. 

It was really hot in there as you can imagine. We really enjoyed checking out the tools of the trade and the final product.

I enjoyed Gather Glass greatly. They create beautiful pieces of all shapes and sizes. All very affordable and perfect for gifts. 

Time to get back in the bus!! 

We were all having a great night!

Innerspace Outsider Art Gallery located in the back of White Buffalo on Broadway. This is an exciting new art gallery and retail space featuring work by local artists with disabilities and mental illness.

It’s a neat space. Some in our group did a little shopping while we made our way back to the gallery. 

I had the pleasure of meeting Anthony, the very proud painter of this beautiful painting! 

I loved it so much. He proudly told me about the house, the picket fence, the flowers and the bright colors he used and what inspired him. He also told me he loves to sew and showed me a cool pillow he made. I asked him if he likes to cook too. Yes! He loves to bake zucchini bread as zucchini was in season last month.

I could have stayed longer talking to Anthony and his Mom, but we had to get back on the bus. It was time to get to our final spot: Silvershell Gallery at Rosmarin located inside Hotel Providence.

A wonderful couple had their works on display. Julie DeRosa runs Sacred Relic Studio. She creates emotional sculptural pieces. 

As a Cancer survivor this piece especially resonated with me. 

Julie’s husband Christopher is also a talented Artist

Before we got back on the bus to head back to our pick up spot, we said goodbye to our largest group, wonderful folks from all over the country, here in Providence to attend a national meeting of The Art Cloth Network. We had a great mix on our bus of artists like Walter Silva, the fiber artists from the Art Cloth Network and art lovers who have never been on a Gallery Night Tour.

What a spectacular evening I had. Terrific art, talented artists and a great group of folks on my bus. I can’t wait to host again!

If you’re looking for something fun to do tomorrow( Thursday) or next month on the 3rd Thursday, I encourage you to head out on your own to some galleries or take a fun and informative guided tour for Gallery Night. 

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