An Illuminating Sunday Stroll 

In typical New England fashion, it was on the warm side today; Oct. 30th. Zoë and I happily walked without our coats to the meeting house. We were headed to church to celebrate the 200th Anniversary(!!) of our meeting house. The  First Unitarian Church of Providence is a gorgeous, primarily stone structure. The church itself was established in the 1700’s, but it’s first meeting house burned to the ground in a dramatic fire in the mid 1800’s. Today’s celebration was like a live Ken Burns documentary, with some parishioners enacting important folks from the church’s history.

The coolest part of the morning was the lowering of the spectacular chandelier. Some bulbs needed to be changed and the Senior class came to the aid.


The chandelier is lowered via a crank from up in the bell tower.

Zoë and I headed home and had some pre-Halloween fun.


She gathered her things for the week and left in the afternoon for her Dad’s. I texting my oldest and let her know I was feeling a bit down about something. She suggested I get some fresh air. Great idea!

Like cooking, walking helps me clear my mind and process my thoughts.

I loved some of the Halloween decorations I saw and the Fall spirit around  me. 

I’ll admit I purposely walked through every pile of leaves I could. Reminds me of being a kid.


I love that the last highlight of my walk was a huge sage bush. Fried sage leaves anyone? 

I’m ready for the week ahead.

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