Summer is nearly here

Winter went on and on and on! In typical New England fashion Mother Nature took her sweet ol’ time and threw us some curveballs over the last few months. Spring weather lasted for 3 seconds and now it’s almost Summer!

This weekend, Memorial Day weekend, signals the start of summer. Are your plans in place for some summertime fun or do you “play it by ear”?

I do a little bit of both. I’m currently laid up, recovering from hip surgery.

But I’m hoping I can fit in a few fun, classic, summertime experiences.

Like sunsets on the beach.

Enjoying some clam chowder (do you prefer clear or cream?)

Stocking up on fresh, in season, local produce at a farm stand or farmer’s market.

Kicking back with friends enjoying a cold locally brewed beer ( with my name on it!).

Cooling off with some local licks.

Sitting around the campfire roasting marshmallows and building S’mores.

And reminding myself to slow down stop for a moment and smell the roses.

How do you plan on enjoying your summer?

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