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Saturday Sakonnet Surprise

This summer I’m working hard to relish this hip recovery time I have; and enjoy staying close to home. I was really looking forward to this past weekend since my friend Kate was turning the big 40! She had celebratory events to attend all weekend including a ladies only birthday party at Sakonnet Vineyard in Little Compton, RI.

A mere 30min from Providence, RI, Little Compton is located in a pastoral section of Rhode Island filled with historic shingled homes, stone walls, cows grazing in Oceanside pastures. I adore this part of Rhode Island. As soon as I exit I-195, head south on 24 & take Rt. 77 South(Main Road) I feel instantly relaxed. Of course it helps when I stop in Tiverton for a fuel up at one of my fave coffee places; Coastal Roasters and enjoy an ice cold cup of freshly roasted coffee. My favorite seat is outside in front of the buddha with a great view of the harbor.

I sit back, relax, take a sip and enjoy the view of the boats sailing by.

Not much time to dilly dally today, I’m trying to fit in a gallery and farm stand visit before the party! I put my windows down, breath in the salty air turn on the tunes and enjoy the short ride to Tiverton Four Corners.

My next stop was to check out the latest exhibit at Gallery at Four. A terrific art filled space recently taken over by Chas Hickey. Chas showed me around the current exhibit: 10 Men.

I tried not to take too many pictures as I’d love for you to see this exhibit in person and I’d like to go back to view it again when I have more time. I really enjoyed much of the work on display.

It was a good mix of sculpture and abstract art and photographs. Among the artists were: William Kendall

Walter Horack and Anthony Tomaselli

I exchanged cards with Chas and went on my merry way. Tiverton’s Four Corners is pretty much the center of town where you will find a lovely mix of shops, galleries and dining options. Scrumptious cookies and other nibbles can be found at Provender Fine Foods ( I love their chewy molasses ginger cookies!), everything you need for a sumptuous cheese plate can be found at Milk and Honey, and furnishings and table top items for your summer home or the home you wish you had, can be found at The Cottage at Four Corners. You must top off your visit to 4 Corners with a cool stop at Gray’s Ice Cream. A Rhody classic making homemade ice cream since 1923! Be sure to try one of the New England flavors like Grape Nut Pudding (my Grandmother’s Favorite) Maple Walnut (my Mom’s) or even Indian Pudding!

Alas, I had no time for cookies, cheese and ice cream. I needed to proceed down the road a bit to the town of Little Compton and make a stop at one of the many roadside farm stands in the area. One of my favorites is Walkers Roadside Stand. So many gorgeous veggies and fruits in season right now! I want it all.

I filled my shopping basket to the brim and let the ladies know I was on my way! The winery is just 5min down the road (just off of Rt. 77) there is a large sign, you can’t miss it.

Carolyn’s Sakonnet Vineyard; previously known as Sakonnet Vineyard was opened in 1975 and is known as New England’s oldest winery. Carolyn Rafaelian, a RI native and the founder of the famous jewelry line; Alex and Ani purchased the vineyard in 2012. The vineyard covers 163 total acres, 33 of which are cultivated. It is truly a gorgeous spot with some good, award winning wines to try there or take home.

Val was first to arrive and found a great spot at a table underneath an umbrella. She brought the most divine (homemade) carrot cake cupcakes and set them up on a gorgeous tiered cake stand.

Our friend Stacey soon arrived and we chatted and people-watched while waiting for Milena and the Birthday girl; Kate. She arrived, quite surprised and hugs and kisses were given all around. The cupcakes needed a nice wine pairing so we settled on a Rosé.

At first we were suspect of the dark cranberry color of the wine, but it ended up being a delightfully refreshing dry-medium bodied wine that I would have again.

A toast and cheers to Kate’s special Birthday were given and we happily enjoyed our cupcakes and sipped our wine in the shade.

Just as we were all cheerfully chatting about something or other, enjoying our serene Saturday surroundings, a kerfuffle broke out at the table next to us. Not close enough that we could hear conversations, but certainly close enough to see 2 gentlemen “entangled” on the ground. Goodness! We all stood up in shock; were they fighting over wine? Cheese? Hard to say, but eventually the police arrived to get to the bottom of things.

Now, where were we? Gosh it was hard to settle back down. The staff was great and gave all of us passes to come back for a free tasting as they felt bad for the harsh interruption of our day. It’s much appreciated and we will go back. I encourage you to check out the vineyard as well. They have a café, 2 tasting areas, including an outdoor one, a shop where you can buy the wines by the bottle or case ( to stock up!) They even have entertainment on Thursday evenings.

Time for goodbye hugs, the ladies were off to their next stop:Newport; and I headed home to Providence, determined to come back soon and spend more time in this gorgeous part of Rhode Island.

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