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Superb Summer Sips

I want to step away from my seat in front of my fan for a second and tell you about some fantastic sips I have had over the summer.

We may be enjoying a tiny break from the stickiness for a hot second; but the heavy hot & humid weather will be back and you will need a refresher. Try these!

Whalers Rise:

I discovered this local beer in Jamestown, RI on my Birthday. Haven’t been drinking too much beer lately as it just makes me feel too full. But this beer was a pleasant surprise. It’s bright, citrusy and smooth. Voted Best USA Pale Ale at the World Beer Awards, this is a very easy to drink beer with a good depth of flavor. I had it again a week later while sitting by the water at the Ocean Mist.

I’ve since seen this beer all over the State and beyond. They were just voted Best Brewery in RI by Rhode Island Monthly magazine. This is a brewery on the rise…seek this beer out and enjoy!

A favorite cocktail of mine is a classic; dry gin dirty martini w/olives. I was trying out different drinks this summer but did enjoy my favorite a couple of times. Once when my friend Caroline & I were trying out the newest, hippest place to be on the Eastside of Providence; Mare Rooftop. The martini was a little one-note, but the view was amazing.

The second summer martini was sipped at the Rhody classic:

The Coast Guard House. The restaurant is perched on the edge of historic Narragansett Bay. Tag and I love heading down to Narragansett Town Beach to cool off after work and sometimes have a bite to eat. The Coast Guard House has an upstairs and downstairs deck and a stunning dining room with amazing views of the ocean, terrific people watching and fabulous food. Some very dear friends of Tag’s were visiting from California recently and we wanted to share one of our favorite spots with them. While waiting for our table, we enjoyed cocktails out back on the deck overlooking the ocean. What a beautiful night, great drinks, terrific food with wonderful friends.

Luckily this gem is open year round…you must head on down there and catch the sunset and sip something lovely.

I love a nice cold glass of lemonade my favorite is Newman’s Lemonade & if I want to spike it, I’d add a little vodka or rum and serve over ice. Well now I’ve found fabulous lemonade in a can already spiked to perfection. Fishers Island Lemonade

Vodka and Whiskey with Lemonade; was originally concocted many years ago at The Pequot Inn, the only bar on tiny Fishers Island, NY. After years of helping her Dad around the Inn and tending bar, the daughter of the owner decided to start selling the Island’s most popular cocktail. I’m so glad she did. This lovely spiked lemonade was the perfect thirst quencher for me this summer. Especially while grilling!

Careful though, this slightly tart, not too sweet lemonade packs a 9% alcohol punch. It sells as a 4pack and can be a bit pricey, however, I feel 1 can can easily serve 2 cocktails over ice.

Ah, Rosé, I can easily enjoy this wine all year round. Of course I’d prefer to drink it Ocean-Side at a fab location like The Lawn at Castle Hill Inn in Newport, RI.

I was lucky enough to go a couple times this summer. At sunset, while watching the sailboats go by, sipping a nice glass of Rosé is a lasting memory I can bring up in the middle of winter.

Or I can just open a bottle of this gem at home with friends.

A Rosé from France, it is crisp, dry, not too sweet. A really nice blend of Grenache, Cinsaut with a little bit of Syrah for good measure. This is about $12 a bottle. Decent price in my book.

I rarely pop open a red wine in summer, but my friend Kate insisted we try a new favorite of hers: Bread and Butter an easy drinking, goes with everything. Pinot Noir. We enjoyed it so much I forgot to take a picture!!

For those of you who abstain from alcohol; we (Tag & Zoë & I) have a favorite soda we indulge in from time to time: San Pellegrino Fruit Sodas. My favorite is blood orange. I know La Croix sparkling waters are all the rage these days but we prefer Polar Seltzer. Zoë’s fave is Georgia Peach. Best part? No sugar added!!

What are your favorite beverages?

While writing this, Mother Nature is forcing us to batten down the hatches; it’s rainy, chilly…but wait; wasn’t it 83 degrees and hot/humid yesterday?!! Why yes, yes it was. Typical New England. Therefore these beverages I have recommended are perfect to be enjoyed year round.

Cheers my friends!!

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