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Seeing Art

Thursdays seem to be my night to see art. The RISD Museum is open late on the Third Thursday of each month. The admission is free and there are activities, performances and such happening throughout the night. Also on the 3rd Thursday of each month is Gallery Night Providence where you can hop on a bus, choose a tour and see a handful of galleries in one night and not have to worry about parking. The other Thursdays are sometimes booked with student exhibits held throughout the year at local colleges & Universities like Brown University and RISD.

Now that it’s darker earlier, it can be more challenging to go out after work. It’s chilly out and my home is cozy; but the art calls me! Last night was mild and I was feeling the need to be inspired so my friend Sue & I headed downtown to RISD’s Sol Koffler Graduate Student Gallery for the Graduate Painting Biennial Exhibition

We stopped first at the snack table. The RISD openings have the best nibbles and a nice selection of wine and cider by the glass. While sipping some Pinot Noir, I was drawn to this bright painting; a fave of the night.

Sometimes I seek out the artist if I really like their work and I’m feeling brave. Other times I silently sip my wine and soak in the colors and feeling of the paintings etc..

The one above, an abstract by Madeline Peckenpaugh was pretty gritty and intense and I liked it! Other than that one, I was drawn to faces.

And color.

The above: “Painting of an Artist” by Kate Pincus-Whitney, is full of thought and tremendous energy.

The gallery opening was full of students, professors, parents & such. Always great to see a crowd of supporters.

It’s always inspiring to be at openings and most especially at schools were you can feel the creative juices flowing within the walls.

Sue & I finished up our wine and cider, sat out in the atrium to chat a bit, and then headed home.

But first we needed to gaze again at our favorite painting of the evening. Appropriately hung in the front window of the gallery. img_1614.jpg

I encourage you to go out and “see art” wherever you can. You’ll be surprised what you can see when you simply stop and take a look.

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