It’s Turkey Time!

Kate and I getting ready for the show!

Gobble, Gobble, Gobble, are you up to your elbows in turkey or stuffing yet? Last night on Jen’s Dish Radio (Episode #4) my good friend Kate and I talked about Turkey and all the fixin’s. Just in time for Thanksgiving.  To get in the mood we did the Turkey Trot.

Kate is a terrific cook and a great friend so she was an obvious guest to talk all things Turkey. Our first topic of discussion was Appetizers…do you serve them at your Turkey Dinner or not? At my Dad’s house we have our dinner rather early, at 1, 1:30 so a good breakfast will keep me satisfied until then. Kate believes in apps so she is bringing sweet and spicy nuts, a cheese plate (not to be confused with a ball) and stuffed mushrooms to her family table. My friend Aimee loves to serve apps and has already made a green onion cranberry cheese ball covered in toasted pecans, deviled eggs, shrimp cocktail and cheese and crackers. WOW, I do love a good cheese ball!

Are you hosting? If so, lots of family or are you having a Friendsgiving? It might be helpful to watch this video from The New York Times hosted by my fave <a rel="noreferrer noopener" aria-label="Are you hosting? If so, lots of family or are you having a Friendsgiving;  it might be helpful to watch this video from The New York Times hosted by my fave FLO FAB (opens in a new tab)" href="http://https://graphics8.nytimes.com/video/players/offsite/index.html?videoId=100000004051244” target=”_blank”>FLO FAB,

I am not hosting, my Dad and Step-Mom are hosting this year. So I don’t need to wory about the turkey and how to cook it. How do you cook yours? My Dad relies on his tried and true recipe for a basic roasted Turkey from his classic James Beard Cookbook. Perhaps you are spatch-cocking your turkey? Or deep frying! Is so, do be careful. Deep fried (oh so carefully) turkey is pretty delicious and very moist. Kate had one at her Friendsgiving last year and it barely made it to the dinner table. We were all crowding around Eddy who was carefully carving the bird. In between slices, we were sneaking pieces. I have actually hosted Thanksgiving before and happily woke up very early to prep and roast the turkey. It was fun, I was up before anyone else; poured myself a hot cup of coffee, tuned my radio to NPR and got busy. Here is a little video I made of that process. 

On we go to talk about SIDES!! Very important. To be quite honest, when I go for seconds, I go for more squash and mashed potatoes…..don’t forget the GRAVY! Do you ever try to introduce new sides or are they the tried and true ones your family has always served? Tomorrow I am roasting rainbow carrots I picked up at Four Town Farm. I will probably cook them with a little butter and maple syrup. My Step-Mom makes the famous Green Bean Casserole. Do you like it? You know it; it is the one with the crunchy onions from a can and cream of mushroom soup. I am not a huge fan of this dish, but will take a spoonful for the plate. We cannot have a true Thanksgiving dinner without the cranberry sauce! Are you a purist and need to have the jelly kind from the can like my Step-Mom or you open to trying a homemade sauce? I make one every year. It is tinged with a taste of orange and ginger. Slightly tart and slightly sweet; a perfect combination and a great topping for your turkey. It is very easy to make yourself and takes 10 minutes, tops. Here is a video I made of the cranberry sauce making process.

The dinner is over, football is on the television, coffee is brewing, the table is cleared and ready for the desserts! What is on your table? Pumpkin Pie? Sweet Potato Pie? I love a good basic pumpkin pie, however I will take a slice of my Dad’s famous pumpkin cheesecake. Are there traditional desserts you expect to see every year? 

No matter who you celebrate Thanksgiving with, no matter where, no matter how, I  hope you all have a wonderful day and please take a moment at the table to give thanks.  

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