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Kit Kats and Gumbo

Kit Kats and Gumbo…..A scary combo, yes? It was actually the perfect combination on Jen’s Dish Radio, when Jarvis Green (former defensive end for the New England Patriots) joined me to talk about our favorite Halloween Candy and, more importantly, his new food venture: Oceans 97

Jarvis and I first met on my previous radio show almost 10yrs ago! Back then he was getting ready to retire from football and was exploring new avenues to go down post-life-on-the-field.

While we tossed the football around the studio, (ok, not really) we first talked about Halloween and our favorite candies.


We both love the tried and true favorite Kit Kat. We were both amazed at its huge popularity in Japan and all of the different flavors of Kit Kats available. The mini is the most popular kind, Nestlé estimates it sells 4 million each day! In any given year there are about 40 flavors available. Such as strawberry, sake, wasabi(!!) and matcha. I’ve had the matcha and it is divine. I’d easily eat the entire bag! Jarvis and I agreed on another classic Halloween candy; candy corn. We enjoyed a bag while talking about the shrimp business.

The U.S. imports 1.7 billion in shrimp annually. Only 8 or 9% of all shrimp sold in the U.S. is native. Staggering numbers.

Upon retirement from football, Jarvis explored various career options. He grew up in Louisiana, to hard working, entrepreneurial parents. He attended LSU ( go Tigers!) where graduating was as important if not more so, than playing ball. Jarvis was always looking ahead. So when retirement came and he tried out a few post-football options; he found himself drawn to the food business.

Fulfilling a favor for a friend, Jarvis found himself back in his home state trawling for shrimp and learning more about this business first hand.

Not one to just attach his name/fame to a product; Jarvis jumped into the shrimp business acting first as a wholesale distributor of wild caught shrimp from the Gulf of Mexico by U.S. gulf coast fisherman, and then taking it further and creating a food product featuring the shrimp. In July of 2017, his company; Oceans 97 (his Patriots number) launched a line of frozen shrimp dishes that are now available in major retail locations across the U.S. such as Wal-Mart & Stop-n-Shop.

A couple days before the show I gave one his dishes a try.

It’s very simple to prepare. Defrost the package in the fridge, then take the shrimp out & pat dry on paper towels to soak up any excess water.

Sautée in a medium sized pan and add the sauce packet.

Cook for a few minutes more till shrimp is nice and pink and the sauce is hot.

This particular dish was perfect over rice but you could also serve his dishes over pasta or even in a salad. The serving size says 2 servings…I beg to differ! I thought it was scrumptious and easily could’ve eaten it all myself.

I’m looking forward to trying the other dishes in this line, especially the jambalaya since Jarvis and I cooked up a delicious batch of Jambalaya for my radio show, a “few” years ago!

I left the show so happy to have seen & heard about first hand the great things my old friend Jarvis has been up to and more importantly I left inspired. He shows us that yes, hard work and determination on the football field can bring you a Super Bowl ring; but also that there is a life after football and in the real post-football world, can bring a new, exciting and fulfilling career where the possibilities are tasty, fun and endless.

I had a blast Jarvis! Thanks for being such a great guest. I look forward to having you on the radio show again very soon.

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