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Jen’s Dish Radio: Episode 47: BAS PVD

This past Saturday, I welcomed my guest Michael Silva the proprietor of a “not-so-secret-anymore” pop-up called BAS (pronounced like BASS guitar).

On this edition of Jen’s Dish Radio, my guest lets us know how he got his start  bartending, what he likes so much about it and how he wants to share that passion and love of the cocktail biz with others.

Michael also tells us all about his Botanical Project and his latest business which you will want to be first in line for!

To hear what this cool pop up is all about & more; , please click on the link above. img_8659

Stay tuned to Jen’s Dish to learn more about Michael’s sister company: MXR

When not hosting BAS pop-ups around town, Michael can be found mixing up fabulous cocktails at The Courtland Club.

Be sure to pop in one night and say hi! Be sure to tell him Jen’s Dish sent you!!

Tune in to this weekend’s edition of Jen’s Dish Radio for more tasty tidbits and delicious conversation.

In the meantime: “Seek truth & beauty in love.”

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