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Happy Thanksgiving!

Gobble, gobble, gobble…it is almost time! Time for Turkey, time to trot out your finest china, polish the silver, pick out the perfect Pinot Noir, play the perfect Turkey Day soundtrack on Spotify while the parade floats by sans balloons on the silent TV. Sounds lovely doesn’t it?! Or maybe, you are still up, like me, trying to get a head start on all of the preparations when really you just want to go to bed. Whose idea was it to host anyway? Really, I love to host. I rarely ever get to. So when my bestie called and asked if we could have Thanksgiving together, I jumped at the chance.

My youngest daughter turned 15 today! An exciting and hectic week this has been. Luckily I have help in the food dept. so I am not spending all night in the kitchen. I will be waking early, turning on NPR, where they will hopefully be talking about Turkey in the oven and not the Turkey in office!

On last Saturdays extended version of Jen’s Dish Radio, I talked about the big day and what I will be cooking and pouring and eating. Currently cooling on the stove is a very simple cranberry sauce. One that I make every year at my Dad’s insistence. Luckily, since I am hosting, I will not be able to forget it as I did a few years ago! Got all the up to NH, helped set the table and forgot my tasty and tart condiment. Try not to forget yours. If you have your bag, take it out and cook up those cranberries. The sauce takes a mere 10 minutes total.

I love this easy recipe from Sam Sifton, the Food Editor of the New York Times

The other dish I am making is Brussels Sprouts. Probably roasted. I have not completely decided yet, but on the show I talked about a Mark Bittman recipe that inspired me. It included Bacon. Take a listen!

It is now actually Thanksgiving and I am feeling awfully punchy. The Turkey needs to go into the oven in mere hours so it is time for this tuckered home cook to head to bed.

I am feeling ever so thankful for you dear friends, readers and listeners. I hope you have a wonderfully delicious day filled with love, laughter and peace.

Until next time……..img_1117

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