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Rebel, Rebelle


Recently I started a new job. One of my favorite aspects of this new gig is that the commute is 5 min & 40sec (without traffic)! Pretty great right? A plus (or a minus, depending on how you look at it) is, I pass Rebelle Artisan Bagels everyday on my way to work! So, so, so very tempting to pop in daily for a bite to go. On one recent morning, I had nothing in the house for breakfast. I left for work..already hungry..and lo and behold there was a parking spot, right in front of Rebelle. I had to pop in…it was meant to be!

I ordered my favorite; Onion. Just sliced and in a bag. There is a fabulous Breville toaster in the break room at work and I had some butter in the fridge there so no need for anything extra.  It was a simple pick up with no wait. I went to the other end of the counter to pick up my order, and Milena Pagan, the owner, handed me my bagel. I always have my producer head on when in a food related establishment, and I did not have a guest that upcoming weekend, so I introduced myself and asked if she would like to come on the radio show. She quickly looked up her calendar on her phone and said yes!

That was a pretty great way to start my day and the onion bagel toasted with butter was the delicious “icing on the cake”.

The show was terrific. Milena brought me a wonderful swag bag filled with bagels, cream cheese and assorted baked goods.


Sesame Tahini cookies are chewy and scrumptious and drizzled with just enough chocolate to make them divine. The chocolate brownies are decadent but not too intense with chocolate (for me anyway). As I spied the goodies, I wanted to try them all immediately, but then I remembered Zoe was arriving home later on that day and thought I should be a nice Mom and save some goodies for her.


I’ve been wanting to try this famous Rebelle Pop-Tart since it debuted.  I was hesitant as I thought it would be too sweet. I am actually not a sweets fiend. This Raspberry-filled Pop-Tart did not disappoint. It was flaky and scrumptious and fruitful. Pretty perfect.

The Chocolate Babka was much too complicated to split in half..ha ha ha ha. I just couldn’t share, so I had to bring it all to work. I just NEEDED to have it all with my coffee at break time. C88C5EE8-59FA-46F1-8794-11CBC88363CF

Bits of chocolate went everywhere as I tore pieces off after sips of my cup of joe.

How were the bagels you ask? Terrific. Chewy with a great outer crust. No need to toast them, but you can. The assorted cream cheeses Milena brought were Veggie, Chive, and Plain. Cream cheese is a rare treat these days so it was nice to indulge. Well worth it.


Our interview on Jen’s Dish Radio was informative and funny and refreshing honest. Milena talked about how she got into the bagel business and what is next for this Bagel Rebel. IMG_1069

Even if you are not as lucky as I am to get to pass by or easily stop by Rebelle Bagels on Doyle Avenue in Providence on your way to work, do make the trip. They are open everyday offering a wide variety of bagels, including some specials as they love to experiment. The bagels are hand rolled and baked with care. You can taste the difference. 07E557FC-CD19-4F9A-AF30-0A94F0728751

I gobbled my onion bagel in about 4 minuted flat that day. You will want to as well.

Please take a listen to the show (link is at the top of the page), and if you find yourself hankering for a bagel or a pop tart or chocolate Babka and a brownie; head on over to Rebelle Artisan Bagels and tell them Jen’s Dish sent you. In the meantime, you will find me out and about carrying my Rebelle swag bag/tote! IMG_1082

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