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What’s the Catch of the Day on Jen’s Dish Radio?


Locally Sourced: Family Run in Bristol RI 

Fresh from the local Narragansett Bay waters; the “Catch” was a visit with  Andrade’s Catch on Jen’s Dish Radio on a chilly Saturday in February (2/8/20).  My guests were Davy Andrade; 3rd generation shell fisherman and his lovely fiance Victoria Young.  The Andrades believe wild shellfish(vs. farmed) is the only shellfish to eat and they should know, they have been harvesting wild shellfish out of Narragansett Bay and surrounding waters for generations.  They use sustainable harvesting methods to bring the shellfish to you, the consumer. Whether that is to sell in their own shop in Bristol, RI, or to restaurants around New England and beyond. 


They harvest 4 kinds of clams: Littlenecks, Topnecks, Cherrystone and Chowder (the biggest of them all). I love Littlenecks on the halfshell with a drop of Tabasco sauce. Vic loves Clams Al Forno using Andrade’s freshly caught clams & Davy loves Clams Casino baked using a recipe his Mom passed down to him and his Sisters. In the shop they also carry other shellfish like, native Conch, Sand Crabs, Sea and Bay Scallops. You will also fresh fish like Black Bass, Striped Bass, Swordfish and Bluefish. Be sure to call ahead to see what they are carrying for the day.  Fisherman from around the local area bring in their catch of the day to sell at the shop and they also work closely with Foley Fish out of New Bedford, MA to see what they can pick up for the store.

Listen here to the radio show:

It was so great to learn more about shellfishing.  Even though I have lived in the Ocean State for 14 years; I did not know that much about shellfishing and all of the work that goes into it.  Davy told me that Quahogs are plentiful and available year round (more plentiful in the summer); but that there are not enough shellfishermen & women(!!) to do the job. He has made it his mission to educate consumers about the shellfishing way of life and all of the fantastic seafood he and his family offer at the store. He also feels it is important to spread the word via social media: check out their gorgeous Instagram page

and this beautifully filmed video of Davy’s Dad, Dave Andrade doing what he loves best Quahogging on Narragansett  Bay.  

The day of the show, Tag brought me a wonderful Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand that I think would pair perfectly with clams from Andrade’s.   IMG_1286

Thank you Davy and Victoria for being great guests on Jen’s Dish Radio. I was so inspired by your love for each other and your passion for the family business and to not just keep it going; but to keep it THRIVING and watch it grow.  Thanks also for the goodies;    IMG_1302

My coffee tastes better already!

If you have a hankering for some great seafood; head out to Bristol, RI and visit Davy, Vic, Dave and the rest of the crew at Andrade’s Catch: located at 186 Wood Street / Bristol, RI 02806 / 401-253-4529 They are open 7 days a week.

You can find them on Instagram, Facebook and on the WEB

Be sure to let them know you heard about them on Jen’s Dish Radio!

Here is the playlist I “curated” especially for the show! I especially loved Elvis singing, “Do the Clam”! That would be a great song for Davy & Victoria to dance to at their upcoming wedding wouldn’t it? We hope they send us a video to see.


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