This too shall pass.

Spring flowers in my new neighborhood

I woke up this morning to the alarm on my phone letting me know my radio show starts in 30min. “I better get going!” I think, as I hop out of bed. I put my slippers on and sleepily shuffle to the bathroom. I notice the sun peeking thru the blinds and wonder what I will do after the show, on such a nice day?

Oh wait, there really is nowhere to go is there? Beaches, Parks, Stores, Restaurants, are all closed! It’s as if we are living in the Twilight Zone or a Stephen King novel. We are in the midst of a pandemic and This. Is. Reality.

I had better fix my scarf before I go in!

A reality where “running to the grocery store to pick up a few things” is not an option. Waiting in lines, outside, standing 6 ft. apart while wearing masks is the new way.

I’ve never been so happy to see toilet paper!

A reality where toilet paper is next to impossible to find. Toilet paper!

This new reality is frustrating, maddening and stressful. That being said I am feeling grateful that I have a job and can work from home-as distracting as that can be. While I’d love to head out and about today, and I am sad that nothing is open, I am also feeling ok because I’m still unpacking.

The daffodils were sad to see me go.

Moving was hectic, but good.

Tag and Zoë (and Nico!) were great helpers. I found movers in the nick of time. As excited as I’ve been to move, I will miss the sunlight streaming in all of the windows, and I’ll miss the view from my stove. It was nice being up on the 2nd floor. The trees were gorgeous in full bloom.

These guys were great! I highly recommend: 2 Young Suds Moving
Where to start?
No fun, I know

The post-move process of cleaning up and packing up any remaining items was daunting. Chipping away at it little by little helped in the beginning, then towards the end I was just determined to get it all done. Treats from a couple favorite places seriously helped my motivation.

Coffee and a bagel from Rebelle Bagels
Tag brought donuts from Augusta Street Kitchen
Eating a donut or vacuuming? That is the question

I left the hard stuff for last. Like what do with all of these jars?

“I might need this jar. “ I might need this jar.”

There was not going to be room for everything at the new place. Some things had to be left behind.

Thankfully they all found homes.

Moving on, making a fresh start, positive steps towards a new future. Hard to do in this “new normal” we are living in.


I will do my best, little by little. We all will right? After all we are in this together! In the meantime I will spend this time unpacking, checking in with friends & co-workers, watching fluff tv with my youngest daughter or listen to & watch my oldest sing & play her guitar on Instagram.

Now, if I start to feel sad, anxious or overwhelmed, I will just think of the day in the near future when we can spend time with friends and family, go out to eat, go shopping, go on trips or just head to the beach for a swim in the ocean. It will happen.

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