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Delightful Day with Daffodils 

Been thinking recently about this past Mother’s Day and how special it was. My oldest daughter graduates soon from high school and will head to college in Philly this Fall. Time with both of my daughters together grows more precious. The girls put their heads together and agreed on the perfect day trip. We were… Continue reading Delightful Day with Daffodils 

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The Fragrance of Love

Scurrying about trying to find the perfect gift for your Valentine before snowstorm #50?! No need to worry, I know just the thing to make your Valentine swoon with delight and kiss you all over. Head on over to Providence Perfume Company, located on Wickenden St. in Providence, RI. Charna Ethier is the lovely proprietress… Continue reading The Fragrance of Love

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Invest in Rhode Island’s Future: Protect Open Space and Farmlands

VOTE TO APPROVE QUESTION 2Tomorrow, November 4th, is election day. I want to inform you of a very important question on the Rhode Island ballot. Question 2 – the Open Space and Recreation Development Bond – is crucial to the survival of Rhode Island agriculture. This Bond will provide a $2.5 million state investment to… Continue reading Invest in Rhode Island’s Future: Protect Open Space and Farmlands

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Beach Bound!

It was another scorcher this weekend so Jim and the girls and I headed down to Roger Wheeler State Beach. in Narragansett. A gorgeous beach with nice facilities, fluffy soft sand and pretty calm waves. Jim and I grew up going to the beaches in New Hampshire (yes, NH DOES have a coastline! 13miles of… Continue reading Beach Bound!

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Spring has Sprung!

Here in New England, the arrival of March, warmer days and slightly freezing temps at night mean the sap is flowing from the Maple Trees! Yes, it is Maple Sugar season! I love to take the girls to visit and observe the process of making Maple Syrup. Unfortunately, now that I live in Rhode Island,… Continue reading Spring has Sprung!