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Out and About with Zoë: Downcity Food Tour

This past weekend, in between summer camp sessions, I took Zoë on a mini food adventure right in our own backyard! Rhode Island Red Food Tours offers cultural walking & tasting tours thru Newport and downtown (or “Downcity”) Providence. I’m looking to be a tour guide so I took Zoë along with me to observe… Continue reading Out and About with Zoë: Downcity Food Tour


Sweet, Savory and Silent

Believe it or not, there are times I forget items in my refrigerator. Whether it’s leftovers hanging in the way back threatening to become a science experiment or fresh strawberries sitting in the front, bursting with brightness begging me to eat them. Zoë wasn’t here this week and I’ve been consumed with my job hunt,… Continue reading Sweet, Savory and Silent


Getting Saucy

This past Saturday I attended my friend’s 10th annual “Scrabblekah” party. Yes, it’s what your thinking, games of scrabble while celebrating Hanukkah. How fun is that?! Renee, our wonderful hostess was making an array of Jewish specialties like Matzoh Ball Soup, Gelfite Fish and Latkes. I was wondering what I could make to add to… Continue reading Getting Saucy